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Kaross Featured Embroiderer

Jane Mabunda - - November 2018

Jane Mabunda, (Born in 1964) is Watch Nkuna’s best friend, he said fondly when we visited their home in Nkambako Village.

The love and respect they have for one another was my first impression when I went to sit with them on their porch. Watch brought tea, while their neighbour quickly came to take their only grandchild from his grandmothers’ arms. The little baby is called Progress Mboni Diploma Nkuna. With names like that he can only have a prosperous future. He is obviously the apple of his grand parents’ eyes.

Jane Mabunda and Watch Nkuna Jane 2 Jane 6

Watch and Jane met in Dzumeri Village, when Watch went there in search for a respectful woman. He found her and loved her right away. She came home with him to Nkambako Village where they are still living today.

Watch worked in Johannesburg at the City Council as a cleaner. He was not one of the “lucky ones” he said, to be able to go to school. But he did Adult Based Education later in life and is fluent in English. He retired in 2011 and came home to be with his beloved “friend”.

He did not have enough money to pay the full *Lobola price, and that is why they are laughing at the fact that they are not yet legally married…but best friends forever.

Jane and her child Jane 7

They have one child, Hlayisani (her name means to keep something safe and taking care), born in November 1997. She is attending Mamitwa High School currently while her parents help raise her little boy. Hlayisani is growing up and becoming a respectful woman like her father would love her to be. Like her mother- he lovingly reminds me.

Jane 8 Jane

Jane started at Kaross in 1990, that makes her one of Kaross’s longest employed embroiderers. She saw the whole business change over the years, and loves her work. The money she earned from Kaross afforded her a washing machine and a comfortable sofa - apart from the living expenses they had over the years. She hopes that Kaross will grow even more and be there to create jobs for people in their community who otherwise will be destitute. Their yard is a hustle and bustle of people and children. It is also an embroidery hub during the week, when all the embroiderers from the neighbouring houses come to sit together while they work.

Jane 3 Jane 4 Jane 9

Their Love for each other, their family, their neighbours, and their community is real. Is that not what life is about? The Nkuna Family is keeping Kaross real, and families like theirs will always be the reason why Kaross will never stop developing and making our beloved country work.


*lobola is an African custom by which a bridegroom's family makes a payment in cattle or cash to the bride's family shortly before the marriage. Word origin of 'lobola' from Nguni ukulobola to give the bride price.


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