Featured Embroiderers for KarossTashas: Noria Mahlaula and Try Kuna

We think that every person who works for Kaross is special, but then there are some that just become extra special, whose dedication to the art of embroidery produces exceptional quality, and whose craft suddenly seems to make the world a more beautiful place.

Kaross for Tashas – a beautiful idea

When we started working on Kaross for Tashas, we knew that beautiful ideas would remain just that – ideas – unless we could get excellent execution, embroiderers of the highest quality who could translate the ‘feel’ of the concepts into tangible pieces.

We are happy to say we found our special embroiderers in Try Kuna and Noria Mahlaula.

Try Kuna is absolutely dedicated to her art

Try (32) is a humble girl with a quiet demeanour, but with an absolute dedication to her work. She is an excellent embroiderer with an innate feel for good colour combinations.

She and her husband, Lucky Kubai, live in Nkambako Village with their son, also named Lucky. She dreams of owning a beautiful house one day and hopes that the work she enjoys so much at Kaross will also help her realise her dream.

Noria Mahlaula is an equally gifted embroiderer

Noria (30), our other embroiderer on Kaross for Tashas, has a powerful presence in our studio, quite the opposite of Try, but both women are equally gifted embroiderers.

Noria is a single mother of three children, Arnold (14), Knowledge (10) and Risuna (5). In Noria’s words, “ I love my work very much, and I am making my children grow up stronger because of the work I do at Kaross.”

Kaross for Tashas extended the boundaries of their embroidery art

We loved being able to work on the first edition of Kaross for Tashas with Try and Noria, not only because we could translate beautiful thoughts into reality, but also because it allowed these two women to reach for more, to extend the boundaries of their art, and to excel in doing so!

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