Kaross Featured Embroiderer for May 2018: Winnie & Traiza

Today I am inspired by the bond between two women. There is something incredibly strong about being an African woman.

Women whose reality is to raise their children alone, while they either wait on their husbands to return from remote employment, or in other cases, women who was never legally married to the father of their children. To the outsider these women seem to never be afraid. They accept their harsh circumstances and carry on with the work of the day.

I am in awe of their strength and the hope they inspire for a country that is raised by millions of such women. Single mothers of South Africa- I salute you!

Best friends and neighbours; Winnie Mohale and Traiza Chiloane are two such women.

They stay next to one another in Nkambako Village, their husbands settled them there while both of them have employment in Johannesburg and return home for brief periods 2-3 times a year.

That is how Winnie and Traiza met- and became best friends. Helping one another raise their children and look after the homesteads.

They learnt about the work Kaross did from their other neighbour, Caroline Matsenga. Caroline taught them to do the craft, and after practicing their skills extensively, they got employed by Kaross in April 2012. They are so happy to be employed, they are now empowered to earn an income while they tend to their motherly duties. The income they receive helps contribute to the needs of the children, that which their husband’s monthly salary cannot cover. Kaross is enabling them to do something for themselves and to they do it together.

They are one another’s inspiration and encouragement- and sit together daily in either ones homes to embroider. They are very proud of their embroidery and rightfully so! Their work is exquisite!

Their dream for their children is to be God Fearing, to listen to their parents and to be well educated individuals.

Their Dream for South Africa is that they will feel safe and protected, especially with their husbands not being home. How can one not be positive and inspired!

To all the proud and beautiful single mothers of South Africa; I have hope for our future in a country with mothers like Winnie and Traiza.

Featured Embroiderer May 2018: Winnie & Traiza


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