Kaross featured embroiderer for February: Thandy Ngobeni

Thandy Ngobeni (37), our featured embroiderer for February, is an entrepeneur in heart and soul. Besides crafting beautiful embroidery for Kaross, she has her own business selling fruit and vegetables in her home village of Nyagelane.

Thandy dreamt about becoming a business woman

Thandy says that, as a child, she dreamt about becoming a business woman. At that time, her mother sold fruit and vegetables at their school to generate an income for her family – and she dearly wanted to follow in her footsteps. 

Today that dream has been realised and bettered in Thandy’s life. She loves to embroider for Kaross, as she is able to craft beautiful pieces whilst at the same time managing her home-based shop, thereby effectively utilising her time and entrepeneurial abilities.

Thandy is married to Joseph, who is a security guard in the neighbourhood.

We love that Thandy chases her dreams

We at Kaross love what Thandy personifies – a person from a humble background who is not scared to chase her dreams and live life to the full. We honour her.

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Images of recent embroidered artworks by Thandy: