Kaross' featured embroiderer for August: Fosta Mahlaule

Fosta Mahlaule is passionate about her African heritage

Fosta Mahlaule (41) was our featured embroiderer for August. The work she does is an honest reflection of everything we try and achieve here at Kaross – she is a woman inspired, empowered and passionate about the expression of her African heritage and culture.

Fosta stays in the village of Nkambako with her youngest child, Moosa, who is 10 years old. Her eldest child, Goodness (21), is studying in Pretoria to become a firefighter. No wonder red is Fosta's favourite colour!  

Love and creativity infuse Fosta's embroidery artworks

Fosta lives her life in pursuit of happiness and does what she can to ease the suffering of those around her. She is very fond of her church and goes there often to worship and pray.

She has been working for Kaross for almost 20 years, since 1997. She says she loves Kaross and she loves her work as an embroiderer!

At the same time, Fosta is very serious about her work - it is her sole source of income and she is the breadwinner in her family. We at Kaross appreciate the fact that, besides producing embroidery of excellent quality, she is also very reliable, especially when it comes to the execution of special orders.

This love, creativity and passion Fosta shares each day at Kaross is why we considered her the top embroiderer for the month of August.

View and buy works by Fosta and our other featured embroiderers here. 


Images of a few of the fashion and home decor items embroidered by Fosta:

Kaross hand embroidered artworks by Fosta Mahlaule