Kaross featured embroiderer for September: Sophy Lebepe

Sophy's work reflects her talent and dedication as an embroiderer

Sophy Lebepe (40), was our featured embroiderer for September. She has been embroidering for Kaross for the past 3 years. In this short space of time we have seen her become an exceptional embroiderer who excels at her work.

Why we consider Sophy such an excellent embroiderer

Many people may not know that Kaross does not provide any training or courses in embroidery - our embroiderers’ skills are developed and passed on within the families, from grandmothers to mothers to daughters. Although all our embroiderers are good, and Kaross’ quality assurance process ensures that we only sell items of high quality, some embroiderers have a natural gifting and dedication that makes the work they do truly exceptional.

Sophy Lebepe is such an embroiderer. She works neatly but fast, has great attention to detail and finishes her pieces off well, and she is able to combine the yarn colours she is given to create a striking, but harmonized, effect. As a result she works mostly on big cloths and produces artworks of outstanding beauty. She says her favourite colours to work with are paprika, ochre and cream, the colours of Africa.

Sophy’s passion is to see her children prosper and become successful

Sophy is humble about her ambitions. “My dream is of a good furnished home where I can raise my children and see them prosper”, she says. 

Her home is in Nyagelane village with her three girls, Confidence who is 16 years old and in Grade 11, Hazel who is 9, and Revision who is 6.

Sophy, who has a Grade 10 Certificate and who relies solely on her Kaross work and social grants for her family’s income, says of her children “I see the progress in my children. I hope they will go further with school and be successful”. With the example they see in their mother, we at Kaross can see that they are surely being established with a very good foundation.

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Images of a few of the fashion and home decor items embroidered by Sophy:

Images of a few of the fashion and home decor items hand-embroidered by Sophy