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The Story of Kaross Hand Embroidered Items

The story and inspiration behind Kaross
Kaross was founded as a way of bringing sustainable opportunities for mainly rural women to make a living.The Kaross embroidery is 100% hand-crafted by women and men from VaTsonga and Northern Sotho cultural backgrounds.
Irma van Rooyen, founder of Kaross.

Irma Inspired

The humble beginnings of an African Art project...

My mother introduced me to embroidery. My father, my sisters and I made music and art. To you I pay tribute.

Burgert taught me how to love and be loved. My children taught me courage and how to be unique. To all of you my love and gratitude.

The People behind our African Embroidered Items

The Tsonga people told me their stories and I became inspired. By their humanity, their space, their life - so utterly proud! By their eagerness to be involved, and to be part of the project. These talented women and men, together, raised up the Kaross project from its beginning.

And now, the drive to never give up, to keep on exploring and developing and growing. And learning to be stronger, together. To you, whose path I am privileged to share, I owe my inspiration.