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The hands that make the work

The Kaross embroidery is 100% hand-crafted by women and men from VaTsonga and Northern Sotho cultural backgrounds. Each Kaross product is embroidered by one individual, allowing for each piece to express a uniqueness of approach and creativity.  The magic of Kaross’ products can be found in our people’s extremely skilled stitching and their affinity for unusual and artistic colour combinations, which are combined with well designed Kaross images*.

The process of creating a Kaross product starts at the studio, with the design being hand-drawn on the fabric. Items that are sold in volume, such as placemats, are screen printed from hand-drawn designs. The embroiderers collect the designed fabrics from our studio, along with a colourful basket of yarn, and then they set off home to start creating their magical pieces. Their homes are in villages in the Giyani and Letsitele areas of Limpopo, within a radius of 20 - 25km from the studio. Working from home allows them to go about their daily activities, raising children and looking after their households, whilst being able to generate an income for themselves and their families. After completing the work, the embroiders bring it back to the studio, where the pieces are quality-checked and finished off, ready to be sold and to bring beauty to homes all over the world.

* The Kaross products are designed in-house and all our designs are copyright protected and are the intellectual property of Kaross.




Our Embroiderers