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Our story - Kaross Origins

Sitting on a kaross (blanket) over 25 years ago, a group of ladies started creating works of art unique to themselves and their background - a reflection of their culture, celebrating their heritage. It was that moment which threaded together Kaross’ vision of helping people to grow and realise their potential.


Kaross was founded as a way of bringing sustainable opportunities for mainly rural women to make a living. All they need is a creative spirit and the desire to express themselves in the realm of their own tradition and background.

When you see a Kaross product, you are looking at the embodiment of passion for colour and the tactile experience of African culture. The 100% handcrafted products are of extraordinary beauty, combined with durable quality and exquisite attention to detail.

Our story stems from the understanding that there exists a need for the upliftment of women in the rural areas of South Africa. This is why Kaross seeks to help the good people of this country acknowledge and explore their heritage, making a difference in their communities and South Africa as a whole.