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Kaross x Botanical Nomad No.2 Hand-Embroidered Cushion Cover



Kaross x Botanical Nomad No.2 Hand-Embroidered Cushion Cover is backordered and will ship as soon as it is back in stock.

60x60cm cushion cover hand-embroidered by Noria

Made in South Africa

Base colour fabric: Khaki base cover, printed with botanicals by Ira Bekker
Back cover fabric and colour:
 Upholstery velvet, sage
Yarn colour: 
*Prices exclude inner

In collaboration with Botanical Nomad, Ira Bekker created the first level of iconography through botanical printing on cotton fabric. Kaross then translated her work, adding another intricate layer of "life" through meticulous embroidery, enhancing the already stunning printed fabric. 

This product derives its hues from local botanical sources, embodying Living Colour. While efforts are made to secure colors, garments dyed with natural dyes remain responsive to acidity and alkalinity, potentially undergoing slight color shifts. The colour is alive in many ways. Therefore, kindly handwash using pH-neutral soap and be considerate of natural acidic elements.