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Delpht Guinea Fowl Hand-Embroidered Unpadded Placemat



30x39cm unpadded placemat hand embroidered by Ester.

Base colour fabric: Taupe
Colour: Royal Blue,White, Navy Blue, Silver, Cream, Kingfisher and Kaross  Blue.                             Size: 30cm x 39cm

This placemat is a one-of-a-kind, unique artwork. Even though the design is repeated within the collection, our embroiderers interpret each design individually, combining colours and stitches to create perfectly crafted items. t he individual embroiderer will complete 12 Placemats in Matching colours. The artwork features African animals framed in the characteristic Kaross Signature geometric borders.

This placemat is 100% hand-embroidered with acrylic yarn on cotton fabric, and has 100% fade free washability. 

The placemat is unlined.