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Coastal Calm Elephant zip pouch medium



17x23cm medium zip pouch hand embroidered by Agnes

Base colour fabric: Black
Colour: Khaki, Sungold, Hazelnut, Light Yellow, Kaross Orange, Azzure, Black and Turquoise.
Size: 17cm x 23cm

This zip pouch is functional, one-of-a-kind and 100% handmade. Even though the design is repeated within the collection, our embroiderers interpret each design individually, combining colours and stitches to create perfectly crafted items. The artwork features African fauna and flora and forms part of the  Kaross Signature Collection.

This pouch is made for convenient storage for any hand luggage and is a perfect gift

100% hand-embroidered with acrylic yarn on cotton fabric, and has 100% fade free washability. 

The pouch is lined with a colourful plain fabric, and close with a zip.