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Azzure, Gold and Paprika Lion2 Placemat


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30x39cm unpadded placemat hand embroidered by Sesani

Base colour fabric: taupe 
Colour: Azzure, Gold, Paprika, Brown, Royal Blue and Turquoise
Size: 30cm x 39cm

This placemat is a one-of-a-kind, unique artwork. Even though the design is repeated within the collection, our embroiderers interpret each design individually, combining colours and stitches to create perfectly crafted items. the individual embroiderer will complete 12 Placemats in Matching colours. The artwork features African animals framed in the characteristic Kaross Signature geometric borders.

This placemat is 100% hand-embroidered with acrylic yarn on cotton fabric, and has 100% fade free washability. 

The placemat is unlined.