Our new Kaross Tashas collection has been released! Inspired by the theme African Splendour

Did you know that there are elephants in the heart of Johannesburg, the biggest city in Africa? And a few leopard and giraffe, flamingoes and hoopoes, even a shy zebra or two? They peek at you from behind a palm frond, march across the African savannah, chill in front of a cup of coffee, float serenely into view, and will go along to where your imagination takes them.

They were conceived in the heart of a passionate businesswoman, a restaurateur who loves food, people and interiors – beautiful food, engaging people and stunning interiors. They were formed in the African bush 500km to the northeast, at first tentatively, as each dreamy colour, each careful stitch was thought and rethought, until finally they travelled boldly and confidently to their beautiful new oasis in the city.

Kaross Tashas Collection hand embroidered decor items for your home

The Kaross Tashas embroidered collection was specially designed for the Flamingo Room

This haven of serenity and sophistication is the Flamingo Room in Nelson Mandela Square, Sandton, the flagship of Natasha Sideris’ range of Tashas restaurants, where a brand new collection of exquisite cushion covers from Kaross, the Kaross for Tashas collection, saw the light in 2016.

Says Natasha Sideris, founder and owner of Tashas: “We enjoy making unique experiences for our patrons in each of our restaurants. Together with our designers, B&S Studio, we developed the theme “African Splendour” for the Flamingo Room. We fell in love with the craftsmanship and passion evident in Kaross’ embroidery - we know that with Kaross, each item is handmade and is one of a kind. So the designs you will see on cushions at Tashas, you will not have seen anywhere else in the world before.  That’s taking bespoke customer experience to another level.”

Kaross was a natural partner in redefining the Tashas customer experience

Natasha continues, “We love the amazing work Kaross is doing in uplifting their community and delivering top class products, so partnering with them in redefining our customer experience was a no-brainer.”

"We are also excited about the prospect of Tashas in Dubai, this new restaurant will be opening soon and will feature the Kaross for Tashas cushion collection."

At Kaross we enjoyed the creative freedom we had in developing the Kaross for Tashas collection, the process of molding our workmanship to create a collection that we love, and that is fitting for such a splendid and sophisticated setting. 

Kaross Tashas Collection hand embroidered cushion covers

The Kaross Tashas collection is available in our online store now, and at Collective by Charles Greig

The good news is that the story does not end there: Kaross and Tashas have had such a positive response to the end product that we are making the collection available for sale to our retail and restaurant customers. As from March 2017, the collection is available exclusively at Collective by Charles Greig in Nelson Mandela Square, as well as on the Kaross online storeclick here to buy Kaross for Tashas online

Also click here to read more about the two talented Kaross embroiderers that were responsible for handcrafting the Kaross for Tashas collection. We love your work ladies!

See more images of the Kaross Tashas Collection here.

Kaross Tashas Collection hand embroidered cushion covers