British Museum exhibition on South African Art

The British Museum is currently hosting an exhibition titled South Africa: the art of a nation, which looks at the artistic heritage of the country through archaeological, historic and contemporary artworks. 

Objects from the British Museum’s own South African collections are displayed alongside contemporary acquisitions.

Mapungubwe gold rhino at the SA Art exhibition at the British Museum

The exhibition sheds light on the varied artistic achievements of South Africa with around 200 objects arranged chronologically across seven key episodes from the country’s history, from ancient history to the present day.

In support of the exhibition the British Museum shops are selling new South African retail collections, among which Kaross is proud to feature! Our products are thus available for sale in London, until at least the end of February 2017, when the exhibition ends.

For more information about this exciting and very interesting exhibition, follow this link, or read more here:

South Africa: the art of a nation exhibition at the British Museum

South African retail collections at the British Museum shops