France meets Africa in a love for handmade embroidery art

French blogger on couture and textile arts, Sophie Malet, has featured Kaross' handmade embroidery art in a recent post. We love that she journeyed on a 'virtual trip' to Africa, showcasing the story of Kaross amongst other unique embroidered works of art - all rooted in a love for the splendour and colour of this amazing place that is South Africa.

Sophie was born on Reunion Island (a French island close to the African coast) and now lives near Paris in France. "We have a deep textile tradition in Reunion Island and in France in general, so I have always seen my mother sewing or doing embroidery", says Sophie. "I learnt a lot from her." 

Sophie is very fond of art, drawing and painting. A book about quilting inspired her interest in textiles, a passion fuelled by her observing the link between formal art and textile art.

Her aim with her blog was to share her passion with others and to inspire them to develop a love for textiles and embroidery. Of Kaross she says, "I decided to write about your company because at first I was very attracted by the beauty of the embroideries. Then I also realised that your company helps the people working for you to have a better life, and that point is very important to me."

Visit Sophie's blog, and have a look at the posts on Kaross' handmade embroidery (posted on 14 August), and embroidered works of art by other African artists. Her next series explores European textile art.

Kaross hand-embroidered cushions featured as decor in a South African game lodge