Ephas Mathebula - Kaross designer

Our second Lion Hunt cloth has just been released, a work of art designed by Ephas Mathebula and hand-embroidered by Elisa Manyama

We are proud to release the second 1x1.8m artwork in the Lion Hunt collection, which will be a limited edition of just 5 cloths. This follows on from the first Lion Hunt cloth featured in August 2016, which was embroidered by Sylvia Khubayi and was sold shortly after its release. 

Each Lion Hunt cloth is unique

Though they have the same theme, each cloth is unique, as each has been hand-drawn by the artist, Ephas, and hand-embroidered by a different embroiderer.

For the second Lion Hunt cloth, Ephas teamed up with Elisa Manyama,who was also our featured embroiderer in October 2016. Read more on Elisa in our featured embroiderer section.

Elisa Manyama - embroiderer of the Lion Hunt cloth

Ephas loves the creative aspect of his work

Ephas’ love for God and His creation is reflected in his artworks - he also enjoys creating cloths with beautiful wild floral and bird designs with intricate borders. Browse our online store for more of his vivid pieces.

He is not shy to do a bit of sewing either, being an avid machine worker who can be found finishing off cushion covers when taking a break from drawing inspired works of art.

Ephas is a real character who brings his own brand of liveliness to the studio - with his deep voice he is often heard singing and chatting, inspiring others as he works. It is indeed a privilege to have this beautiful person and gifted artist as part of the Kaross team.

Buy the Lion Hunt cloth in our online shop, or browse more works embroidered by Elisa Manyama.

The Lion Hunt Cloth Edition 2:

The Lion Hunt cloth